STEALTHGEAR USA was one of the manufacturers who chose not to attend SHOT Show in Las Vegas this year; their award was mailed to them.


1. Exceeding The Competition

Bellybands have a lot of issues for many women and others just love them. The competition's bellybands have various undesireable issues that many have had to live with until this new universal belly band by Stealthgear USA which was designed with input from SFWA and the 100,000+ students who have been searching for a belly band that is sturdy enough to hold your handgun securely in place, yet comfortable enough to wear each day in your daily lifestyle. The winning features of this bellyband is the breathable Ventcore holster that is sewn securely into the high-quality elastic which covers the trigger and allows unobstructed access to the grip of the the gun to help increase your ability to prevail in a self-defense situation. No other belly band offers a design that can be quickly reduced to a thigh holster that has the exact same benefits!  The Stealthgear USA Ventcore holster series is a multiple year recipient of the Ladies Choice Award. [Because Women of A Different Caliber Members use this bellyband/thigh holster system, the logo is shown on the belly band.]

2. In The Mix

It is very important to note that other well-known top selling brands of belly bands and thigh holsters appropriate for concealed carry are included the mix during training. Unlike most surveys that are offered on social media and in many industry publications, typically there is never a comprehensive selection of all available holster options from which to choose. SFWA does include those models in the mix and interestingly, when testing other belly bands and thigh holsters on the market, the New Ventcore Universal Belly Band / Thigh Holster is the clear winner. 

3. The Result

Sadly, women who rely on what others suggest consistently select concealed carry holsters without the benefit of being fully informed as to what is available in the market today. The Ladies Choice Awards are selected by fully informed students who have used holsters and have made educated decisions. The Ladies Choice Award winning product selections have the features and benefits that do not compromise the elements that will increase the odds of prevailing when seconds count. The result is that your gun is secure and your carry system comfortably fits your unique qualities, and offers faster access when you are in a fight for your life.

4. Who Weighs In

More than 100,000 women who have taken a minimum 4-8 hour course from SFWA Master Certified Instructors contribute to the selection of the best guns and gear for women. The selections are not the "preferences" of SFWA, its instructors or its affiliates. No one is provided compensation or other forms of persuasion that will affect the non-bias selection of the award winners. Unlike most surveys that are offered on social media and in many industry publications, there is always a comprehensive selection of all carry options from which to choose for the Ladies Choice Awards.

The overall criteria to be considered as a “Ladies Choice Award” recipient includes: a women-friendly company that designs products that actually work well for women, are easy for them to use, perform as they expect, and understands that it is NOT about pink [although customization options are appreciated]. Often, manufacturers make alterations to their existing products or create products at the direction of SFWA that meet the needs of women. 

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This belly band has the exclusive STEALTHGEAR USA Ventcore Holster sewn in, two extenders to adjust the size to fit a small or full figured woman without the need for extra overlap, and is quickly able to be transformed into a thigh holster, too! It is sturdy yet comfortable, and securely keeps your handgun safe and yet accessible around your waist or on your thigh! [Click to check out the matching ankle holster, too.]

In 2015, more than 10,000+ women weighed in on what women really want!

SFWA doesn't sell products, we put them to the test for quality and performance
. . . and then share the most popular choices and why they truly are designed for the modern woman!

STEALTH GEAR USA received a 2015 LADIES CHOICE AWARD for Guns and Gear for the Modern Woman in Las Vegas . . .

NV, Las Vegas 1/22/2015:  

Stealth Gear USA received an award for the ONYX IWB Holster for two reasons:  it is very comfortable easily conforming to virtually any body shape, and the 'breathable' material offers ladies the benefit of cool, dry and secure carry. Susan explained, "When SFWA was first asked to put the holster to the ultimate test (women of all shapes, sizes and styles) we were accommodating but underwhelmed with yet another claim by a male-owned company attempting to make the perfect product for women.  Then, the test . . . thousands of women, thousands of smiles! After which, we could not easily identify the company who made the holster and ultimately succeeded after locating a single business card originally supplied by Tyler . . . for months, ladies waited to place their order! This holster is truly LADIES CHOICE!"  Co-owners Tyler Ely and Paul Laemmlen accompanied by Randy Ataide, CFO and Jason Goates, Operations Manager, accepted the award, "We're just really excited how fast the industry is growing for women . . .  we are proud to be a part of it.   We love building these holsters.  The breathable material, and the way they contour around your body, and the comfort is just amazing, women really love it.   We are really excited about the year ahead."

Paul Laemmlen [Founder and Chairman] and Randy Ataide [CEO] have accepted the 2015-2022 LADIES CHOICE Awards for Stealth Gear USA!